Youths Gather At Lekki Toll Gate As Action Continues

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  1. RP girlz

    RP girlz

    8 giorni fa

    Where's the peace and unity u promised 😭



    9 giorni fa


  3. Ctykl melony

    Ctykl melony

    15 giorni fa

    Get All corrupt selfhating inferiority complex politicians Out

  4. Ifeyinwa Okafor

    Ifeyinwa Okafor

    15 giorni fa

    Yes no retreat no surrender

  5. Michael Deosha

    Michael Deosha

    15 giorni fa

    Good news. Bihari must go.

  6. ayoola funmilayo

    ayoola funmilayo

    15 giorni fa

    Actually they messed with the wrong generation

  7. Adenike Adeyemo

    Adenike Adeyemo

    15 giorni fa

    Set up enquiry, who is managing the Toll plaza, and we want to audit Lagos state account. Where is Hussdaddy of Lagos , Chief Ole Looter Theifnubu

  8. cocolace coco

    cocolace coco

    15 giorni fa

    What the protesters should demand? 1. Sack of the IGP 2. Medical and Life insurance policy for all Nigerians.A law should be made to back this. 3. Set up of an independent body to look into abuse of power from Public officers in all states.i.e Police,Military,Customs,Civil servants,VIO etc 4. Public officers abuse of power and compensation Act 2020/2021 should be made into law. 5. Release of Innocent SARS and police detainees. 6. Regional police force who understand the culture and language of the people. 7. Orientation course for officers posted to other zones should undergo:South west,Yoruba culture and society,South East;Ibo culture and society. Etc If the Govt cant do all these,it means the brutality could be worse in future.

  9. Gladys Adebola

    Gladys Adebola

    15 giorni fa

    It is not over until it’s over, good governance must come to Nigeria!

  10. Humid G

    Humid G

    15 giorni fa

    Restructuring is the way

  11. Bamidele Kayode

    Bamidele Kayode

    15 giorni fa

    This is Great



    15 giorni fa

    Everybody should support the ENDSARS revolution , sacked military officers and police officers please..

  13. Grace Aina

    Grace Aina

    15 giorni fa

    They're looking for revolution and all of them will be consumed and they're family

  14. Joy Nnadozie

    Joy Nnadozie

    15 giorni fa

    Channel television part of Nigeria problem. You cover what favor the janjaweed.

  15. PETER PANtv


    15 giorni fa

    No more sitting in the house an praying only time to take the fight to them

  16. Editor Odobe

    Editor Odobe

    15 giorni fa

    Please Africans youths get ready it is time to let all leaders know that our resources are for Africans. Join now that Nigerians youths has open the floor , let's occupy the continent.

  17. comrade RSA Incorruptible

    comrade RSA Incorruptible

    15 giorni fa

    Not just SARS, all govt agencies that are getting budgets without performance should be scraped, and the money should be used to fund free education at all levels, proper funding of the police and security agencies, health insurance for Nigerians, stable electricity supply and good roads. National and state assemblies must cut jumbo pay and work on part-time basis.

  18. Magret Fred

    Magret Fred

    15 giorni fa

    The youths get sense well well, God have open their eyes, thank God who say there's no God, make the government no change them go hear am hot in Jesus mighty name we pray

  19. Vitalis Chimaeze

    Vitalis Chimaeze

    15 giorni fa

    We are not going to settle for the less, am telling u now, the be scared of Revolution. If that’s the only way this old 911 lorries will leave to respect ✊ us, let it be so.

  20. Vitalis Chimaeze

    Vitalis Chimaeze

    15 giorni fa

    😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 Good morning to u children of God. I have tears of joy. I am overwhelmed that we have decided to confront our fear in this our country. God will bless each an everyone one of us.. in Jesus name..Amen. I want u that is reading this to know that, this exercise is genuine and God Almighty is happy with the youths of our nation for standing up to voice out in this manner. The future generations will proudly celebrate all of us for standing out for them now. God bless the youth of our nation Nigeria 🇳🇬, God bless the works of our hands, God bless Nigeria..🙏🙏. I love u all❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  21. Mo Holugbenga

    Mo Holugbenga

    15 giorni fa

    Moral high

    • wonin all

      wonin all

      15 giorni fa

      moral over highoooo

  22. Samson Omorogbe

    Samson Omorogbe

    15 giorni fa

    Sars must end ooooooo

  23. Daniel Abiola

    Daniel Abiola

    15 giorni fa

    I'm proud to be recognised as part of Nigeria youths. The tsunami of our liberation will soon move to all parts of Africans.

  24. Elwood Bryant

    Elwood Bryant

    15 giorni fa

    I'm glad Nigeria is taking a stand

  25. Alice Bright

    Alice Bright

    15 giorni fa

    This one sweet me pass jollof rice

    • Mary Mgbaja

      Mary Mgbaja

      15 giorni fa

      Me too

    • Prince Moses

      Prince Moses

      15 giorni fa

      Abi oooo, you said it all, I love it too.

  26. Paul A

    Paul A

    15 giorni fa

    This is how u do it. I live in UK and this is how the UK citizens got their rights, by literally pestering and petitioning and fighting their govt. Now look at the UK, theres healthcare, transport, 100% electricity. Nigeria has to be the same, even better!

    • Michael vorhees

      Michael vorhees

      13 giorni fa

      @Alice Bright That does not matter now. It has been 60 years since we gained our independence. What the British did to us is no longer an excuse for the decrepit state of our country. It is time we held ourselves accountable for this country.

    • Comfort Edu

      Comfort Edu

      14 giorni fa

      @Paul A thank you for a word so Sweet

    • Paul A

      Paul A

      15 giorni fa

      @Alice Bright yes but the british left Nigeria so long ago. Did Britian tell atiku to still those millions? did the british tell buhari to be useless? am not supporting the british cos they fucked us up good, am saying by now we should atleast be doing something for ourselves. how long are we gonna complain about the british when the main fuckery is being caused by the politicians that we have now. In 2050 we cant still be blaming the british, theyre not coming back theyve left and gone, the only people to fix nigeria is Nigerians

    • Alice Bright

      Alice Bright

      15 giorni fa

      Brother Paul, it is the useless UK that put the so called Nigeria that is assumed to be a country into this mess. Go will punish British for Amalgamating Hausa Fulani and Southern Niger river for their selfish interest. How on earth can Nigeria ever become a country?

  27. Engineer Tmt

    Engineer Tmt

    15 giorni fa

    Nigeria youth stand as one

  28. King David

    King David

    15 giorni fa

    What Dino melaye said is whats happening hahaha

  29. Akinniwa


    15 giorni fa

    I only see KINGS & QUEENS👑

  30. Vovwe Muoghereh

    Vovwe Muoghereh

    15 giorni fa

    I almost gave up on Nigeria but what I have seen in the past week makes me proud to fly the flag 🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬. The labour of our present heroes will not be in vain. Victoria Acerta. Arise giant of Africa. The time is NOW!!! Do this for the generations to come. 🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬✊🏻✊🏻✊🏻

    • Perkzyyy


      11 giorni fa

      You are black stop that with the white emoji lmao

    • maria samudio

      maria samudio

      15 giorni fa




    15 giorni fa

    You see how these people are mixing and not caring about covid19? I don’t want to hear anything about covid afterwards because it’s also a fraud worse than sars Keep it up guys



      15 giorni fa

      @tinca island I think you mean covid related symptoms either way I am saying people shouldn’t be hypocritical after these demonstration and pretend that getting together is dangerous when they just did. So you believe all the thousands who attended the protest none of them possibly have covid? Either way African continent has done better than Europe on this so called dangerous illness. Keep the economy open let African who need to trade trade and support their families. That’s what I am trying to say

    • tinca island

      tinca island

      15 giorni fa

      What if non of them have covid related cases

  32. Marian Sile

    Marian Sile

    15 giorni fa

    government must obey the youth

    • RichTechZone


      15 giorni fa


  33. itxOrange Gamer

    itxOrange Gamer

    15 giorni fa


  34. ib Mackathy

    ib Mackathy

    15 giorni fa

    No retreat No surrender

    • Mary Mgbaja

      Mary Mgbaja

      15 giorni fa

      Yes ooooooooooooooooooooo changes must come

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