Why #EndSARS Protest Is Important - Activist

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  1. Mide Fredrickson

    Mide Fredrickson

    9 giorni fa

    This is just the beginning of a change for a better country with the energy that the youth are exhibiting to show their interest in seeing a better working Nigeria for everyone and our unborn children. I think it would be a good time to turn this movement into a political party that we could leverage on in the the next coming election to kick these failed leaders away.

  2. Debeedee #music #lifestyle

    Debeedee #music #lifestyle

    11 giorni fa


  3. Temiloluwa Oluwatayo

    Temiloluwa Oluwatayo

    11 giorni fa

    Tell them Timi

  4. Morgan Ben TV

    Morgan Ben TV

    11 giorni fa

    Now we the Nigeria youths have make up our minds now to be beating the useless politicians now in the country,especially the senators, Rep, and house of assembly.Their salaries totally must be reduce if not we are ready to go to war with them justices must prevail in this country,they are not there because of us, no stable electricity, no good roads, no good hospitals,no good educations in fact no good social amenities for the country. We are tired we need a reform Nigeria.

  5. Boluwatife Travels

    Boluwatife Travels

    12 giorni fa


  6. francis Osage

    francis Osage

    12 giorni fa

    change will not come, APC most go...we need young leader. like omoyele sowere.

  7. Food delight tv by Ayinke

    Food delight tv by Ayinke

    12 giorni fa

    Great talk bro

  8. Gideon Ikpotokin

    Gideon Ikpotokin

    12 giorni fa

    This lady is very stupid

  9. yakubu Daniel

    yakubu Daniel

    12 giorni fa

    You are right. They serve the regime instead of the people.

  10. Eddie Edosa

    Eddie Edosa

    12 giorni fa

    Why shooting

  11. ppp Mpol

    ppp Mpol

    12 giorni fa

    See every youth in South and West protesting for Good Government but Northerners are no where to be find instead they want SARS back.. How can we associate ourself to Uneducated Northerners that are backward in every area of life.. We have to cut Northerners away from us, so that we can move forward as a nation.. Nothing is going to change as long as Northerners keeping rulling Nigeria.. Buhari must leave

  12. C LS

    C LS

    12 giorni fa

    She asked stupid questions shaa

  13. DJ YB

    DJ YB

    12 giorni fa

    this guy nailed it!!!! perfect!

  14. Samson Omorogbe

    Samson Omorogbe

    12 giorni fa

    I love this lawyer. Good answers to her questions.

  15. Showbobo


    12 giorni fa

    We have the worst journalism in the world.

  16. cass cia

    cass cia

    12 giorni fa

    I so much like this guy you are a man

  17. Adeyemi adeyemi

    Adeyemi adeyemi

    12 giorni fa

    God bless this guy! This interviewers must be living under a rock or they are paid to ask stupid questions

  18. Jason Iheukwu

    Jason Iheukwu

    12 giorni fa

    This guy is sound and articulative in his speech..up move lawyer

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