Sunrise Daily | 16/10/2020

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  1. efebik efebik

    efebik efebik

    11 giorni fa

    Fct ministers that is taking about covad 19 band he should wake up

  2. mrs.gebriela giland

    mrs.gebriela giland

    12 giorni fa

    Why Nigerianan Govern m ent will be stoping protect. this very very bad ok . seck all in Givernm ent ok

  3. ppp Mpol

    ppp Mpol

    12 giorni fa

    Nothing is going to change as long as Northerners keeping running Nigeria.. Buhari must leave

  4. Adult Education Program Consultant

    Adult Education Program Consultant

    12 giorni fa

    State policing is the ultimate solution. This guy is talking about youth council that is not even recognized by 2% of the Nigerian youths. Point of correction, don't call the youths protesting for their right " street gangs" .. If the youth council exist they could have been the one to lead the protest even before the youth took to the street. The youth council should have a seat at the national assembly and state assembly to prove their existence in Nigeria.

  5. opeyemi ige

    opeyemi ige

    13 giorni fa

    Our children are being killing in Nigerians by verdragovmet

  6. demy oyin

    demy oyin

    13 giorni fa

    I will advise you to watch what to say when you are cracking jokes as not to implicate your self, talking about the reporters mask is a complimentary jokes, presenters do that a lot in advance country which add more fun to their programs, it is never a hate speech

  7. Nkechi Okaro

    Nkechi Okaro

    13 giorni fa

    Must the background music be on? Sometimes the music is so loud one could hardly hear the comments

  8. Prince Howard

    Prince Howard

    13 giorni fa

    "Northern states have not rejected SARS"- If that's the case then keep SARS in your part of the country. Our children and Youths are not to be treated like animals. Your leadership encourage dehumanization of your indigenous populace, we don't do that. It is not part of our culture in the south. Just keep us out of your Alimanjerinization of the whole nation. In our culture, everyone of our children have the God given rights to fulfill their life ambition.

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