#SARSMUSTEND: SARS Is Still Working In Nigeria, The Protesters Are Right - National Youth Leader

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  1. Botila Commix

    Botila Commix

    4 giorni fa

    Buhari is planning secretly against this protest of a thing so I think everyone should be well fully be at alert 🚨 with any defend ammunition please please be conscious bcoz they want to attack again in a way you can’t even expected but I pray that God almighty Jehovah will be with you all and protect you all and will bring down the bad government God will surely punish them

  2. dele


    4 giorni fa

    what do you mean you are the number one youth of Nigeria. who dash you. The interviewers were also rude with the interjections.

  3. Joy Ofoni

    Joy Ofoni

    4 giorni fa

    So this two boys are still like this,

  4. Charm Bae

    Charm Bae

    5 giorni fa

    These interviewers were pissing me off. Very unprofessional, let the man speak. Interjecting as if you don't know he's stating facts

  5. TheStrangers


    5 giorni fa

    SARS and Anti Cult are two different Units

  6. Awwal Hassan

    Awwal Hassan

    5 giorni fa

    You dont follow what the IG said or you dont understood his statement. He said SERS will be worked as long as they are needed they will show for instance when there is armd robbery case but to be ataying on check points or moving around any how harrasing people they are ban from doing that but when there are issues that they need to be there they mos go

  7. Orishe Amone

    Orishe Amone

    5 giorni fa


  8. Kehinde Bolaji

    Kehinde Bolaji

    5 giorni fa

    The IG knows everything about it,does SARS are fulani people or bokoaram numbers I suggested and IG knows about it

  9. Comfort Edu

    Comfort Edu

    5 giorni fa

    Leave am make him talk first

  10. Joseph Ogbonna

    Joseph Ogbonna

    5 giorni fa

    Mr Journalist he is talking about now . I hate channels tv because they are pro-oppressors . They always like to block the truth

  11. Attah Alh Mallam

    Attah Alh Mallam

    5 giorni fa

    Not SARS is the problem of nigeria. People a living in hungrer and u never protest on it.

    • prince Mike

      prince Mike

      5 giorni fa

      Move them to the north and let the south handle their security!!!

  12. Aries Blood

    Aries Blood

    5 giorni fa

    Chamberlain and the other fellow. Are you both illiterates? This is dumb journalism. Sop this game of politics and be objective. The man is clearly telling you that SARS is operational after the IG came on national TV and claimed they have been banned and you still asking dumb questions . I grew up watching you and I would have asked better questions. In a time like this we need patriots and I know that working in a particular TV station comes with a mandate but you also have to be intelligent with your questions and not ask questions for the sake of asking questions .Go home if you are not going to use your logic.

  13. omos GJ

    omos GJ

    5 giorni fa

    The one crossing his legs and trying to sound intelligent is just annoying me🙄🙄

    • Yemi Ogunbameru

      Yemi Ogunbameru

      15 ore fa

      Some people are just ignorant no matter the situation.

    • Afolabi Quadri

      Afolabi Quadri

      5 giorni fa

      Don't mind him

  14. Steve Adeoye

    Steve Adeoye

    5 giorni fa

    You channels tv guys have this very bad attitude of jumping into your guest response to any questions or whatever and when ever any conversations is going on please this attitude is bad l always notice the second guy with chambalin sorry if am pronouncing your name wronly any train journalist am sure will not be doing this and your bosses are believing all is well with your way of conducting interviews, am sorry, mose sorry fun en



      5 giorni fa

      Yeah, any time someone is hitting it. They cut it off. They are all pretenders.

  15. Velvet Simmons

    Velvet Simmons

    5 giorni fa

    When WE say that WE believe in OUR ALMIGHTY CREATOR, NOT any religion, NOT what the colonizer has lied to us about, how will WE live?? Through what lens should WE continue with the mindset that corruption will NOT work in these end times. We must set examples for OUR future's in true righteousness and it must resonate throughout the land. OUR leaders come out of its people and when the people are corrupted the leaders do the same. THE author and CREATOR says to follow (HIS) commandments and COVENANTS if WE are to receive (HIS) PROTECTION and blessings and for (HIM) to hear us. I commend the guest and what he had to say ❤

    • Dat EyeLanGyal

      Dat EyeLanGyal

      5 giorni fa

      The journalists are asking the questions that many people are asking. We may be for the youth but journalists cannot ask ONLY positive questions.. They have to ask the hard questions that Nay Sayers are asking too. It called unbiased journalism .

    • Velvet Simmons

      Velvet Simmons

      5 giorni fa

      First it was Ebola, now SARS. AND, THE ENEMIES, european attempting to destroy africa by the hands of a fulanis, who knowing God well they are confused and wrong in every way. EVERY THOUGHT, EVERY MOVEMENT NOW MUST BE TAKEN IN SINCERITY AS IF OUR LORD AND SAVIOUR OF OUR SOULS IS SHOWING UP AT ANY MINUTE ❤

  16. Chilled Power - [HCR2]

    Chilled Power - [HCR2]

    5 giorni fa

    Naija is a joke

  17. C LS

    C LS

    5 giorni fa

    This Channels TV suck. The Interviewers suck. Common guys, That's not how to interview your guest. This is terrible. Let him speak.

  18. Franknds Ond

    Franknds Ond

    5 giorni fa

    Nigeria government can never keep they world and they liars in the all word

  19. onimisi mayaki

    onimisi mayaki

    5 giorni fa

    IG needs to resign

  20. Africa Everyday

    Africa Everyday

    5 giorni fa

    This country is cursed.

  21. oaikhenan sylvanus

    oaikhenan sylvanus

    5 giorni fa

    Chamberlain let him talk🙄🙄🙄

    • Olat Ola

      Olat Ola

      5 giorni fa

      They always like that....

  22. Karan Jaiswal

    Karan Jaiswal

    5 giorni fa


    • ibeh george

      ibeh george

      4 giorni fa

      Very true

  23. Okey Ntuoyi

    Okey Ntuoyi

    5 giorni fa

    What a stupid journalist, trying to confuse the guy?

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