Politics Today | 16/10/2020

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  1. Olayinka Abimbola

    Olayinka Abimbola

    12 giorni fa

    Of ooi.om.u 🎞✨🏡🏔🏜🌏

  2. Juliet Jese

    Juliet Jese

    12 giorni fa

    They should put Camera every where in Nigeria as form now on

    • Juliet Jese

      Juliet Jese

      12 giorni fa

      That will help too

  3. Helen Joseph

    Helen Joseph

    13 giorni fa

    No Man of God , I don't know d God U pp in Government is Praying , haba This is Somebody children's

  4. Helen Joseph

    Helen Joseph

    13 giorni fa

    This Government is heartless , So u ppl are not ready to surrounder and bring better Life to d Youths hmmm

  5. Iyke Ojiocha

    Iyke Ojiocha

    13 giorni fa

    Onochie biggar halot.

  6. Awazone BTC

    Awazone BTC

    13 giorni fa

    I want to prove we are all being lied to about the name Nigeria. I found out alot abouts the name Nigeria. We need united state of Nigeria or we separate. If Biafra hold a flag since 1970 and now oduduwa rasing there flag 2020. It two against one now. what happened to wazobia. Our voice is one. Let's stand for the United State Of Nigeria. Or we separate. I want to ask the house of assembly reasonable questions if they have facts. I have the questions let's bihari answer.

  7. Emmanuel Essien

    Emmanuel Essien

    13 giorni fa

    Who so ever running this channel tv will never see good in their live,for supporting evil,refuse to carry the real news..the solution is breakup stop deceiving people because after the government the next protest is for social media we are going to shutdown many government media house being party to this evil government

  8. Na Johnson

    Na Johnson

    13 giorni fa

    All the old corruption politicians should go because they are the coward problem in Nigerian

  9. Stanley Nwadiaru

    Stanley Nwadiaru

    13 giorni fa

    This senator is a huge mess. Talking/using corrupt languages they have used to deceive us in the past(setting committees), not straightforward and couldn't say any tangible thing. He is a big disappointment to Nigerians. The prof exhibited the knowledge of rule of law, governance, leadership, critical thinking and honest in his advise. We've just begun the struggle for or lives. All the corrupt politicians will abandoned all they stole from us and run out of the country when the time comes. Their generations will pay their debt, even when they're gone. God is watching us all!

  10. Phem Phemmy

    Phem Phemmy

    13 giorni fa

    Please stop inviting politicians and most especially any spokespersons or representatives. Nigerians demand engagement with heads of governments.

  11. Kennedy Ebong

    Kennedy Ebong

    13 giorni fa

    Buharj is a demonic being

  12. Angelica kweku

    Angelica kweku

    14 giorni fa

    How do a progressive government appoint the likes of Lauretta Onochie as election chairman??? From the appointments, though shall know their leadership will run!!

  13. James Ikoh

    James Ikoh

    14 giorni fa

    How possible buhari his house is on fire he went to someone else house to have dinner. Very shameful of him, intact he is shame himself.

  14. Temilade Alamudun

    Temilade Alamudun

    14 giorni fa

    Yes to Constitutional Reform or Disintegration of Nigeria if Northern leaders refuse Reform

  15. mathew viktor

    mathew viktor

    14 giorni fa

    Imagine the number of presidential panel that was set up by both previous and present administration, resources waisted and still couldn't summon the political will to implement any of the reports. Because they believed nobody will ask questions, after all they in charge. As long as heaven and earth remain, u all will pay with your blood for keeping this great country in the dark, when the world has moved beyond basic amenities of life.

  16. hakim lawal

    hakim lawal

    14 giorni fa

    this woman should bury her head in shame for accepting such appointment at ds critical time that pple expect buhari to lead the country well

  17. Shawn FFO

    Shawn FFO

    14 giorni fa

    Protest is protest what’s agitation ?

  18. david ejiro

    david ejiro

    14 giorni fa

    Onochie appointment shows apc is useless and biased

  19. david ejiro

    david ejiro

    14 giorni fa

    Revolution must continue

  20. Aiyamekhue Alile

    Aiyamekhue Alile

    14 giorni fa

    Why is the National Human Rights Commission comatose? Must the oligarchy pick and choose which Commissions should be functional. These are Constitutional breaches. The Federal Government is responsible for policing the Country - Nigeria is shifting such duties to the States. That is a crafty diversion. The States should resist setting up such delay tactics Judiciary Committees. The Nigerian Youths are wide awake having been pushed to the wall for so long with no jobs and Police brutality.

  21. Taiwo Odunlade

    Taiwo Odunlade

    14 giorni fa


  22. Julietta Kelly

    Julietta Kelly

    14 giorni fa

    The useless, shameless, evil, heartless and disgraceful senators and house of Representatives members will not reform their monthly salaries and allowances, but this set of foolish people are busy amending the constitution for their own personal benefits

  23. Festus Igharo

    Festus Igharo

    14 giorni fa

    Why is Yeye Buhari government not implementing the reform plan already in the book ? Nonesense

    • Festus Igharo

      Festus Igharo

      14 giorni fa

      @Francis Onik Yes you are absolutely right sir

    • Francis Onik

      Francis Onik

      14 giorni fa

      Because the president can not comprehend the contents of the reports. How do you expect a school cert holder to understand a comprehensive reports of Ph.D. holders? He must have had several syncope episodes while trying to digest the details of the report.

  24. Joyce Harrison

    Joyce Harrison

    14 giorni fa

    The decay of nigeria especially in areas of corruption.

  25. Ikechukwu Ogbonna

    Ikechukwu Ogbonna

    14 giorni fa

    Look at that useless old fool called Ogbonnaya onu and his co old foolish travelers, talking about APC and elections now is the most foolish thing any foolish minister that can’t produce a pencil can do

  26. Showbobo


    14 giorni fa

    Are u thieves not tired of setting up committees ?????!!!!!!! WTL!!!!

  27. Excellent Excel

    Excellent Excel

    14 giorni fa

    U guys are for...now u will see how powerful we the people are... Wicked people



    14 giorni fa


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