Nigerian Youths March To Misson In South Africa

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  1. Katlego Moncho

    Katlego Moncho

    8 giorni fa

    So they protesting in SA for who? Why can't they go home and protest there?

  2. ronald wiley

    ronald wiley

    10 giorni fa

    Now I understand why Nigerians do not respect the law in South Africa, they had for years been traumitised by the law officials in their own country, so when they come to SA ,they take their problems out on South Africa.

  3. Okoro Helen

    Okoro Helen

    10 giorni fa

    We nor go green, sars most to go

  4. Mariah Kamogelo Moloisane

    Mariah Kamogelo Moloisane

    13 giorni fa

    So Nigerians came to South Africa as dead living corpses already. Nigerians need counselling you've been traumatised that's why in South Africa you can't obey police warnings, SARS has made you stubborn.

  5. Jules Nkam

    Jules Nkam

    13 giorni fa

    Mr, ambassador crime is not a big problem in Nigeria but the politicians are the bigger problems in Nigeria

  6. Esther Anugwa

    Esther Anugwa

    13 giorni fa

    Divide nigeria now Buhari go, divide nigeria.



    13 giorni fa

    Everybody should support the ENDSARS revolution , sacked military officers and police officers please..end insecurity now movement

  8. malam Gumel

    malam Gumel

    13 giorni fa

    In Nigeria we have so much freedom one of the dividends of democracy.Sars didbanded but we security we cant be lawless taking the law in our hand because of freedom u cant not do this kind of thing in certain Countries.Yes they have the right to protest in a democratic society but shud not misuse freedom to be hijacked by some people for their selfish interest

    • Tabs T

      Tabs T

      13 giorni fa

      You are deluded. In Nigeria there is no freedom. You clown.

    • soul lifting TV

      soul lifting TV

      13 giorni fa

      You are a fool nothing good comes out from the north no wonder your name is malam

    • malam Gumel

      malam Gumel

      13 giorni fa

      Security is needed in different parts of the Country where Boko Haram the Fulani Bandits another Haram n similar Harams such as Ipob the Odudua Haram hide behind protest to cause mayhem in our society. The youths have the right to protest but shud not be hijacked by individuals who kud not win in the ballot box during election now using the youths to avenge their defeat.

  9. Jo Jo

    Jo Jo

    13 giorni fa

    Good job

  10. sphaleriteme


    13 giorni fa

    SWAT SARS all of them should deal with the real criminals. Senators, ministers, and boko haram let them go and investigate those criminals

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