Military Arrests 11 Bandits, Rescue 25 Kidnap Victims

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  1. isyaku bala ibrahim

    isyaku bala ibrahim

    13 giorni fa

    well done sir, may God continue to protect you people, haters should go and die

  2. Friday Omo

    Friday Omo

    13 giorni fa

    The man is mumu



    13 giorni fa

    Everybody should support the ENDSARS revolution , sacked military officers and police officers please..

  4. Iyobosa Festus

    Iyobosa Festus

    13 giorni fa

    No body born of human being can stop us, go and import ur army's come

  5. Nifemi Trading

    Nifemi Trading

    13 giorni fa

    They are using this as PR what about the girls....

  6. richard ehigie

    richard ehigie

    13 giorni fa

    We are done with all these lies with no proof of video coverage or journalist during the so called intervention made by your soldiers

  7. Obike Gertrude

    Obike Gertrude

    13 giorni fa

    It's only announcements of bandits you will be doing. Any time the soldiers arrested bandits you come and announce it but bad governance are not included.

  8. Azika Udoka

    Azika Udoka

    13 giorni fa

    After arrested them what happen next you release them.

  9. Mygospel247Tv


    13 giorni fa

    11 bandits of all the whole bandicts it’s 11 with our military powers and all.... Nigeria lmao

  10. sunday ORUMWENSE

    sunday ORUMWENSE

    13 giorni fa

    Bunches of fearlessly sound that resemble truth and is not honest May God exposed all evil AGENDAS and destroyed satanic humans agent in Jesus name.

    • Ade Yemi

      Ade Yemi

      12 giorni fa

      Stop funk news bro

  11. Valentine oparaocha

    Valentine oparaocha

    13 giorni fa

    In fact it's a lie

  12. Valentine oparaocha

    Valentine oparaocha

    13 giorni fa

    What is the use of arresting them if they will be accepted in the army next month. Useless government

    • isyaku bala ibrahim

      isyaku bala ibrahim

      13 giorni fa

      who is this pig, do not bring your biafra evil here

  13. Valentine oparaocha

    Valentine oparaocha

    13 giorni fa

    Are u sure??? Our army is finished not better than the boys scout.

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