#ENDSARS protesters in Orlu town Imo state Joins Protest

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  1. Passiondriveme


    2 giorni fa

    Thank you for doing it peaceful no looting

  2. Innocent Amataobi

    Innocent Amataobi

    10 giorni fa

    Here in Germany ur hand set is ur security if anything happens just call police and police must come quickly

  3. Innocent Amataobi

    Innocent Amataobi

    10 giorni fa

    This evil leaders in zoo all must be killed now.because each youth 1.900 Euro per month .but leaders taking all .look buhari son network is 2.5 billion US dollar

  4. Innocent Amataobi

    Innocent Amataobi

    10 giorni fa

    It's obi from Germany ,youths go and free prisoners so the will join the protest quickly

  5. Don spark vevo

    Don spark vevo

    11 giorni fa

    Orlu nweremadu I love this

  6. It'z Bible D Ihe

    It'z Bible D Ihe

    11 giorni fa


  7. Lord Askia mohanmend

    Lord Askia mohanmend

    13 giorni fa


  8. Chika Njoku

    Chika Njoku

    13 giorni fa

    When people take to the streets protesting in anger and grief. That is when God had decided the fate of a government. Enough Is Enough. When a government is adamant doing the wrong things, it will collapse. Either by the curse of God, by revolution, or by a coup d'état. It's a big shame how a one time radical Civil War Veteran/Brigade Command/Military Administrator/GOC/Military Head of State, can not handle insecurity in his own country. Something is not right somewhere, somehow.

  9. Frankleemay


    13 giorni fa


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