#ENDSARS Protesters Hit Ojodu Berger Roads, Insist No Going Back

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  1. Sultan of Glory

    Sultan of Glory

    2 giorni fa

    Nigerian youths have finally woken up to who the enemy and liar is after a long exile of consciousness.The return of consciousness, that the return of the christ,our christ self. Don't let any man fool you no more with religious deceptions just to keep us down and blind. Thank you.

  2. Ali M

    Ali M

    3 giorni fa

    Prayers for Nigeria, much love from Australia

  3. Godwin Igwe

    Godwin Igwe

    3 giorni fa

    Let me try and understand this.......these protesters are protesting to the same Nigerian government that is oppressing them......ok let's see who will win this one 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  4. Olanrewaju AbdulFattah Akogun

    Olanrewaju AbdulFattah Akogun

    3 giorni fa

    God will continued to strengthen the Nigerian youth and we all win this battle.

  5. Tolayo Anifowose

    Tolayo Anifowose

    3 giorni fa

    God bless all Nigerian youths IJMN.

  6. Ajayi Joel

    Ajayi Joel

    4 giorni fa

    They must change now

  7. Morgan Ben TV

    Morgan Ben TV

    4 giorni fa

    Now we the Nigeria youths have make up our minds now to be beating the useless politicians now in the country,especially the senators, Rep, and house of assembly.Their salaries totally must be reduce if not we are ready to go to war with them justices must prevail in this country,they are not there because of us, no stable electricity, no good roads, no good hospitals,no good educations in fact no good social amenities for the country. We are tired we need a reform Nigeria.

  8. Aunty Pat

    Aunty Pat

    4 giorni fa

    Keep it going going no fighting ✌️peace 🙏👍

  9. Veronicayub. Banorhbjkyyyew

    Veronicayub. Banorhbjkyyyew

    4 giorni fa

    Where is Buhari?



    4 giorni fa

    God bless you guys for coming out



    4 giorni fa

    Where is Mrs Aisha Buhari to speak against the killing of innocent people by SARS ?

  12. Esta Shive

    Esta Shive

    4 giorni fa

    I pray even ugandans get this heart u pipo u hv sent your masseges to the responsible pipo. God bless u

  13. Chika Njoku

    Chika Njoku

    4 giorni fa

    How do you open fire on protesters? People voice their anger on your cruel and inhumane type of leadership. Your response is to order for their execution. What a government.

  14. Amara Oghonin

    Amara Oghonin

    4 giorni fa

    One love guys God bless you all

  15. Kamor Orepitan

    Kamor Orepitan

    4 giorni fa

    I heard someone says that each Nigerian senator receives 29 million naira monthly while a policeman receives 40,000. Is this true? If true, the senators' salaries should be cut significantly ten to perhaps about 5 million naira and increase police's salaries If this is done, I strongly believe only good and God fearing people would be seeking political offices as opposed to thieves who may not have people's interests in mind and only doing it for the money.

  16. Yoyo Gaspa

    Yoyo Gaspa

    4 giorni fa

    NDDC probe must be made public...... all thieves brought to book..

    • Chris Oghenetega Maloney

      Chris Oghenetega Maloney

      3 giorni fa

      Yoyo Gaspa agreed 💯

  17. Tatjana Mila

    Tatjana Mila

    4 giorni fa

    We are praying for Nigiria! May God bless you people. ❤️

    • Sekoni Azeez

      Sekoni Azeez

      4 giorni fa

      Thanks may almighty God bless you too

    • Daniel Okeke

      Daniel Okeke

      4 giorni fa


  18. codi ograh

    codi ograh

    4 giorni fa

    Nice one guys may God guide you all and protect you in Jesus name Amen, God will punish all our leaders shame on you all😡

  19. Temilade Alamudun

    Temilade Alamudun

    4 giorni fa

    Thank you, Nigerian Youths! We shall overcome the Oppression from Nigerian government. Halleluyah! It is a new day in Nigeria. Enough is Enough!



    4 giorni fa

    MC oluomo is part of our problem, they increase transport fare to enrich theirselves, ordinary branch chairman goes home with at least 1.5M daily, I’m sure MC oluomo goes home with nothing less than 20M daily, all the branch chairmen in the state delivers to him, and the take home depends on hierarchy, from tout ticketing on the road up to the MC oluomo, if MC oluomo goes home with 20M everyday means his vice goes home between 8M to 10M everyday, and I’m sure the lowest hierarchy in the executive of nurtw goes home with nothing less than 3M daily, this aspect needs to be addressed because it’s causing serious hardship on Nigerians, transport fare to get to work for a month is more than salary, traders increases prices of goods due to increased transport fare

    • Iwuoha Wisdom

      Iwuoha Wisdom

      4 giorni fa

      Big problem

  21. Epere omins

    Epere omins

    4 giorni fa

    A youth must become the next president of this country.

    • Chris Oghenetega Maloney

      Chris Oghenetega Maloney

      3 giorni fa

      Epere omins agreed 💯

  22. Method Man

    Method Man

    4 giorni fa

    It surprises me how we all come together in a time like this but fight each other after . So stupid

    • Bamidele Olusheye

      Bamidele Olusheye

      4 giorni fa

      Please we are all doing this together we,re not gonna in anyway fight each other all we want is reach change and developed nation 60years is not a joke

  23. Norman Price

    Norman Price

    4 giorni fa

    there is a connection with people of color. Why do they want to keep us down?

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