Edo Youths Join Call For Reforms

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  1. Morgan Ben TV

    Morgan Ben TV

    12 giorni fa

    Thanks so much for this, please it's hard time now we the youths remain to fight against the politicians that are looting our country money or of our various states money, they need to hear our voices and let them all know our eyes have open now and let us avoid to vote over age there again

  2. Aunty Pat

    Aunty Pat

    12 giorni fa

    No fighting protest in peace ✌️ power to the people 🇳🇬🙏

  3. Oluwaseyi Sunday Isreal

    Oluwaseyi Sunday Isreal

    12 giorni fa

    God will definitely heard our voice in Nigeria and remove all the bad leader in Jesus name; we deserve better in Nigeria

  4. Oluwaseyi Sunday Isreal

    Oluwaseyi Sunday Isreal

    12 giorni fa

    I like this protest bcus no leader!

  5. Arise Arise

    Arise Arise

    13 giorni fa

    Good job guys. Sowore is the man to lead Nigeria. He will not compromise, let join hands together to support him.

  6. Samson Omorogbe

    Samson Omorogbe

    13 giorni fa

    God bless you guys for coming out. SARS must end. Buhari must go

  7. modestus njoku

    modestus njoku

    13 giorni fa

    Demand for better life. Politicians don't own the country. Nigeria is for all Nigerians. Enough of suffering in silence. Our politicians are heartlessly wicked

  8. Abey Johnny

    Abey Johnny

    13 giorni fa

    The much are awaited and predicted Revolution in Nigeria is gradually kick start ...the long time greed and foolishness of goverment at all levels has resulted to where this..and now there is no escape route for the politicians the whole world is watching nigeria right now.....why has Buhari sudenly become weak,deaf and dump ??if it was about china loans or allocations by now it wuld hav been solved....corrupt leaders....

  9. Anna Igimi

    Anna Igimi

    13 giorni fa

    Please the heroes of Nigerians citizens, the greatest lions of the youths of Nigerians I salute you all, please don't take any foods from any organizations, they could post as governments of the desperates to be politicians to poisons the youths who are protesting against them to silence them, those evils desperates to be rich politicians can be so dysfunctionally trickish to poisons Nigeria youths. this is just the beginning of the journey and the shall be victorious and conquerors. the whole world is watching, the politicians are so confused who to talk to right now to stop this protest. hummm Nigeria youths I salute you as a champions of freedoms and good governers. take your country back now.

  10. Abey Johnny

    Abey Johnny

    13 giorni fa

    Nice one guys...no retreat ....

    • Osarobo Mike

      Osarobo Mike

      13 giorni fa

      Sars is the army robbed in Benin city and the criminal God bless the youth in ñigeria amen

  11. Abey Johnny

    Abey Johnny

    13 giorni fa

    Nice one ....we love u great nigerian youths ......greetings from Greece

  12. love is life loveurself

    love is life loveurself

    13 giorni fa

    Edo is really great, they are the real heart beat of the nation, see what they come up with the real fact of the country problems, from presidential levels to councilors level, their salaries must be reduced; (president= 1,500000) (governor= 1,200000) (the rest 500000)

    • Ono S

      Ono S

      13 giorni fa

      Benin was the Last Kingdom to fall. It’s not easy to trick them.

  13. Chika Njoku

    Chika Njoku

    13 giorni fa

    When people take to the streets protesting in anger and grief. That is when God had decided the fate of a government. Enough Is Enough. When a government is adamant doing the wrong things, it will collapse. Either by the curse of God, by revolution, or by a coup d'état. It's a big shame how a one time radical Civil War Veteran/Brigade Command/Military Administrator/GOC/Military Head of State, can not handle insecurity in his own country. Something is not right somewhere, somehow.

  14. Tony Yayo

    Tony Yayo

    13 giorni fa

    Keep it up Guys. ENDSARS must also extend to End Bad leadership and corruption. A Rich country like Nigeria is now the poorest capital of the world's poorest

  15. ppp Mpol

    ppp Mpol

    13 giorni fa

    Nothing is going to change as long as Northerners keeping running Nigeria.. Buhari must leave

  16. Kalu Uche

    Kalu Uche

    13 giorni fa

    This is good

  17. Kelvin Owen Ability

    Kelvin Owen Ability

    13 giorni fa

    Your furniture allowance can pay the salaries of 100 policemen, I think the movement is progressing to the main point. The political class have drain this Nation enough especially without doing anything and Ooo GOD see how comfortable they are doing nothing for Nigerians.

  18. Alice Bright

    Alice Bright

    13 giorni fa

    Northerners will never understand what SARS AND police did in south

  19. Bayo Bayo

    Bayo Bayo

    13 giorni fa

    I do appreciate channel TV for your professionalism in covering this protests. Good job, history will definitely remember ur roles in the freedom struggle

  20. nelson onyema

    nelson onyema

    13 giorni fa

    Thanks guys we have finally waken up.

  21. Ben Idemudia

    Ben Idemudia

    13 giorni fa

    We Don dey go small next is buhari must go

  22. Star Gabriel

    Star Gabriel

    13 giorni fa

    I love the writeup on the banner

  23. Daniel Abiola

    Daniel Abiola

    13 giorni fa

    May God bless this our generation, the tsunami of our liberation will soon move to all African continent.

  24. Xtons Production

    Xtons Production

    13 giorni fa

    You are right no water in benin but they get money

  25. emmanuel iyke

    emmanuel iyke

    13 giorni fa

    A country where a federal government worker cannot afford to buy a bag of rice, pay school fees without taking loan, not to talk of building a house, impoverishing its citizens has obviously become part of their agender, even to acquire knowledge that other good countries gives to it's Citizen with little or even nothing as part of their benefit of being a citizen becomes very difficult here (school fees at it very high, and is till increasing by day from university down to nursery /primary schools) yet after the struggles and stress of school, getting work becomes seemingly impossible here, even to feed most a times is hard for someone who has spent many years and money at school, while our so call heartless, wicked, corrupt, scandalous destroyers not even leaders, goes on and on looting billions of dollar's (public fund) forgetting that they are there to represent us. The truth is that they don't feel the pains and seeing the suffering Nigerians protesting peacefully becomes a disturbance to them. Its high time we let them know their wickedness has become unbearable and they must do something to that effect, otherwise there will be no peace for the wicked. ## ENDTHISHARDSHIP###

  26. Odebala Maje

    Odebala Maje

    13 giorni fa

    Thank God big brother show has ended, it shifted the attention of many towards what really matters

  27. John Fred

    John Fred

    13 giorni fa

    I bet u, if Nigeria can come together like this and protect against bad leaders there will be a change.

    • Ifeanyi Okonkwo

      Ifeanyi Okonkwo

      13 giorni fa

      Hear urself. I no sure say na this country u dae

  28. Egaliteran Specie

    Egaliteran Specie

    13 giorni fa

    Legislators should earned same salary and allowance like permanent Secretary in the ministry period.

  29. Muyiwa Adeniyi

    Muyiwa Adeniyi

    13 giorni fa

    A poverty capital of the world , what is she doing with bi camera legislature.

  30. Festus Igharo

    Festus Igharo

    13 giorni fa

    It is high time for Nigeria people to be freed from bad government

  31. Princess Osas Love

    Princess Osas Love

    13 giorni fa

    I love this banner

  32. Oloyede Solomon

    Oloyede Solomon

    13 giorni fa

    I love this banner write up, please everyone on this platform should hammer on it well.

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