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  1. Xtons Production

    Xtons Production

    12 ore fa

    No more steps you've been voted in 4 years. But the steps you and your colleague takes seem like you're going need 100 years to do a job we do not have that time bye

  2. atolagbe loveth

    atolagbe loveth

    12 ore fa

    By God grace 2000 years of suffering for you all the blood you spill will always follow you with your generation even if they bath in dark magic or go to mountains heaven will be against you and your generation inhuman people

  3. Chinedu Ozuru. N

    Chinedu Ozuru. N

    12 ore fa

    Bobo talk.

  4. Ter Umah

    Ter Umah

    12 ore fa

    Who ordered the killings of peaceful protesters

  5. Levi Natty

    Levi Natty

    12 ore fa

    Why don't you donate Obasanjo Farms to feed the hungry masses? You set up OFN as "Operation feed the nation"; few years later you changed OFN to "Obasanjo Farms, Nigeria" 🤔

  6. Justified Attorneys

    Justified Attorneys

    12 ore fa

    This interviewer no get sense, ask him if he has heard from Buhari

  7. Florence Adedeji

    Florence Adedeji

    12 ore fa

    Bola Ahmed omo iragbiji ,what make you shock ,for what you know about,why did you ran away to another country when you destroy nigeria .and you allowed the innocent youths to die.God will judge you in Jesus name amen.what is your business in france at present,if government of france did not do their country good can you ran there ..that is how you ran away during MKO facing democracy in nigeria .you are just born to be wicked...

  8. Emenike Arinze

    Emenike Arinze

    12 ore fa

    The sleeping giant has awoken!!✊

  9. dunji saint

    dunji saint

    12 ore fa

    make this boy shut up you did disame To bayelsa state fools.

  10. Ezeoke Manpower

    Ezeoke Manpower

    12 ore fa

    Nigeria Government are wicked

  11. Chibuike Ulasi

    Chibuike Ulasi

    12 ore fa

    Soft ball question. How can you claim that this is a conspiracy? Tinubu is responsible for the attacks. Shame on our Nigerian government.

  12. Ikechukwu Okocha

    Ikechukwu Okocha

    12 ore fa

    Who ordered the removal of the CCTV cameras?

  13. Elrykkstorm


    12 ore fa

    You sound more outraged at properties being damaged than young, innocent, vibrant, talented and most importantly patriotic lives ruthlessly taken. Shame!

  14. Sola Raji

    Sola Raji

    12 ore fa

    Ds is a blatant lies..bcs military were killing yr sons nd daughters in yoruba land nd Tinubu cnt evn com out on media as a yoruba elder stateman to defend yr pple. Wt are w talkn abt? Up untill now Tinubu has nt cm out to address parents who lost their kids. Tonubu is influential w are nt fools simply put.

  15. Joseph worship Joe

    Joseph worship Joe

    12 ore fa

    What you says doesn't matter anymore you brought Buhari and Sanwolu and ya'll know what ya'll doing but just wait a minute God is about to reward you.

  16. Everything Africa

    Everything Africa

    12 ore fa

    So he didn’t order the shooting of the protesters, the president didn’t, the governor didn’t. That is exactly why people are protesting. It’s the fact that a lot of nonsense has been happening in Nigeria for 60years and no one knows who is doing it and no one is held accountable

  17. toyin oluwatoyin

    toyin oluwatoyin

    12 ore fa

    All the comments against Tinubu here are from ibos. Yoruba e ronu. Kanu ordered the destructions in Lagos today. The voice note is out and we all know how it all started.

  18. Junneal Bennett

    Junneal Bennett

    12 ore fa

    Never surrender never give up together me March together we move ✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬

  19. Adede Achieng

    Adede Achieng

    12 ore fa

    Arrogant person....trash

  20. Osas Osasco

    Osas Osasco

    12 ore fa

    This is not how journalist ask question now,thats why I love arise news,the only news I watched now

  21. Wrestling Facts & Figures

    Wrestling Facts & Figures

    12 ore fa

    We jump from your frying pan into Buharis fire

  22. goodluck monday

    goodluck monday

    12 ore fa

    This is sad Nigeria government is totally corrupt

  23. Arc Nelson-Ebimie Timi Joe

    Arc Nelson-Ebimie Timi Joe

    12 ore fa

    The blood of the Odi people is yet to be appeased. Waste if time listening to a father of genocide...

  24. deji kemzy

    deji kemzy

    12 ore fa

    Justice must be serve at all measurements cost

  25. gerrald


    12 ore fa


  26. Classie Redd

    Classie Redd

    12 ore fa

    He ran away to France a country built by politicians like them. Retarded old man don't call him sir again'

  27. Brent Vergeer

    Brent Vergeer

    12 ore fa

    Pls tell Tinubu dat dis is just the beginning.

  28. Rita Okigbo

    Rita Okigbo

    12 ore fa

    Lawless government who don’t care about the youths. No jobs, no business grants or loans. No infrastructure of any type in the 21st century. Short end of the straw everyday struggle in Nigeria. Killed by the army - defenceless protestors.

  29. Osas Osasco

    Osas Osasco

    12 ore fa

    This journalist is a stupid paid from tinubu camp

  30. skin food

    skin food

    12 ore fa

    The country has money, infact the country is very rich. The governments are the ones keep and spending the monies on themselves and their families! We are not poor people!. Nigerians are known all over the world for their hard work and intelligence. It's the greedy leaders who have compromised with other nations to enslave us.

  31. Osas Osasco

    Osas Osasco

    12 ore fa

    Lier lier tinubu,his business should be burnt down

  32. Coker Oluwaseun

    Coker Oluwaseun

    12 ore fa

    Imagine this has been recorded since early in the morning... Channels is just uploading this now!!!

  33. Mathew Adoghe

    Mathew Adoghe

    12 ore fa


  34. Chioma Chidera

    Chioma Chidera

    12 ore fa

    Father of hoodlum. That name Hoodlum is for your children. See what your sense is given you. I dey shame for you. Have you ever said anything about police, Army and Sars brutality or bokoharam killings? All of you guys are deranged. Useless man

  35. isreal jackson

    isreal jackson

    12 ore fa

    and thats what you are reaping what you sow

  36. Pauline Osaghae

    Pauline Osaghae

    12 ore fa

    All APC are liars. No truth comes out from their mouth.

  37. Jimmy Tijani

    Jimmy Tijani

    12 ore fa

    Probably just say she defended

  38. Beverly hills Brown

    Beverly hills Brown

    12 ore fa


  39. Mr Focus

    Mr Focus

    12 ore fa

    Oga you people (leaders) are birds of the same feathers. You peoples are the pioneers of this innocents blood shared in lekki and other part of Nigeria, stop talking as if you don't know the root of this killings. Truly, God is watching over everything that is happening in this Nigeria. The wages of sin is death, You people and we "youths" can not live on earth forever but we want the betterment of this great country for now and forever.

  40. Okwara Kachy

    Okwara Kachy

    12 ore fa

    Village police burn every where. Endsar

  41. angela brandao

    angela brandao

    12 ore fa

    Nice 36:14 🍌🍌🍌🍌

  42. Osas Osasco

    Osas Osasco

    12 ore fa

    Tinubu is evil,this man is evil people need to know this

  43. harrison ikumbu

    harrison ikumbu

    12 ore fa

    violent protests are and will never be a solution to problems affecting the youth. majority of these youths are being used by some well rich people seated at the comfort of their homes with their children watching what is happening in the streets. extra judicial killing isn't the solution. the govt should come up with ways to handle unemployment among the youths.

  44. Kabiru Ibrahim

    Kabiru Ibrahim

    12 ore fa

    It has already been demonstrated and displayed in Zaria

  45. Susu O

    Susu O

    12 ore fa

    😭😭😭 Tinubo stop your fake lairs. you said you were shocked ? Then who did ? your grandfather in the grave there is no 🚭 smoke without 🔥 fire. Tinubo you fly to France God is going to judge you all in Jesus name Amen 🙏🙏🙏

  46. Abiodun Oladipo

    Abiodun Oladipo

    12 ore fa

    You called yourself a parent or what did I just heard u saying fool

  47. Dan Umuks

    Dan Umuks

    12 ore fa

    He is a former president who is taking a stand,it hurts but the truth is we need all the voices we can get to pull this off.

  48. Bolatito Olaibi

    Bolatito Olaibi

    12 ore fa

    He's a liar

  49. Osas Osasco

    Osas Osasco

    12 ore fa

    Tinubu knows,the tole gate is for him,using other peoples names for the document

  50. Ekhator Matthew

    Ekhator Matthew

    12 ore fa

    All Nigerians legally needs to carry concealed weapon henceforth. All Nigerians...

  51. Xtons Production

    Xtons Production

    12 ore fa

    Sorry the northern youths are the problem we have in this country they have being brains wash so much by the politicians When ever you talk to the politicians they all feel attack

  52. Ij Blessed

    Ij Blessed

    12 ore fa

    Even armored car is fake too.

  53. osazee imadiyi

    osazee imadiyi

    12 ore fa

    It happend in lagos yerstaday today in benin shall not be well with buhari and all the governors...may their soul rest in peace

  54. Wuasio Hamed

    Wuasio Hamed

    12 ore fa

    thunder we fire you tinubu

  55. Mee - Mee

    Mee - Mee

    12 ore fa

    Genesis 4: 1- 16 Cain killed Abel and the blood of Abel cried out to God for revenge. Nigerian federal & State government will answer God's questions.

  56. Patrick Murphy

    Patrick Murphy

    12 ore fa

    lG is lying please end sars

  57. Osas Osasco

    Osas Osasco

    12 ore fa

    Rubber bullet can blind eyes and other stuff,tinubu send them period this man is lying his revenue was in question here

  58. Bomiadex


    12 ore fa

    God punish you Teifnubu

  59. Kola Oyelade

    Kola Oyelade

    12 ore fa

    They did this to Awolowo and now its Tinubu to pay the price. 2023 politics playing out.

  60. Abiodun Oladipo

    Abiodun Oladipo

    12 ore fa

    Your location will be known soon and I personally will see u

  61. donaskalo


    12 ore fa

    shebi dem warn una say this man dey kolo and una still go vote am . e no go better for you and your generation ; ode

  62. Eromonsele Odalo

    Eromonsele Odalo

    12 ore fa


  63. Official DanAnthony

    Official DanAnthony

    12 ore fa

    I can't bring myself to watch this fully. These guys are pathetic liars. I would leave a dislike on this video just for seeing this guest.

  64. isreal jackson

    isreal jackson

    12 ore fa

    emir sanusi was dethroned for suggesting the need to care for the poor in the north

  65. Fortune H

    Fortune H

    12 ore fa

    Nigerian government don enter one-chance vehicle. No negotiations any more. Buhari must leave Aso Rock and leave Nigeria!!!

  66. fortunate olasunbo

    fortunate olasunbo

    12 ore fa

    What a cow? How can you call it irritative protesting but as nothing to do with it. Well done sir

  67. Efe Okuomose

    Efe Okuomose

    12 ore fa

    God bless the Nigeria youths

  68. Kiaro Spor

    Kiaro Spor

    12 ore fa

    This is sad.

  69. Abraham Jane

    Abraham Jane

    12 ore fa

    What is this man talking about,, this country is like this today cos of u all so stop talking rubbish

  70. Mary Bruce

    Mary Bruce

    12 ore fa

    Tinubu your generation will never know peace, stupid liar we have all the evidence and all will be seen soon

  71. CHI CHI


    12 ore fa

    What I do not understand is thar this Ebonyi road is good and fine oo... I do not expect damage to be done on that police station. Some youths do not really know what they are protesting for... Which will also destroy so many innocent citizens

  72. Alessandra Awolowo

    Alessandra Awolowo

    12 ore fa

    I'm Iyabode Adekunle from UK Buhari must go to PRISON for Authorising the killing of un Armed Protesters 2011 In Egypt Mubarack does it with the Protesters he was sent to prison Were is JUSTICES IN NIGERIA ??

  73. Phoenix Garuda

    Phoenix Garuda

    12 ore fa

    Buhari and the government step down

  74. Omo Irele

    Omo Irele

    12 ore fa

    What kind of question is this is like this questionnaire still have respect for this old fool

  75. clairvoyant sign

    clairvoyant sign

    12 ore fa

    His not in Paris, his either in Nice or Monaco 🇲🇨 that is this criminal men hide out



    12 ore fa

    Only in that useless country called Nigeria

  77. Ij Blessed

    Ij Blessed

    12 ore fa

    Biggest lie is that you cannot reach the governor.

  78. ayeku tosin

    ayeku tosin

    12 ore fa

    Allah bless all Nigerians youths

  79. Peter Ijeh

    Peter Ijeh

    12 ore fa

    What exact are the demands of the youth. I can't stand anymore blood letting

  80. Nish Haddy

    Nish Haddy

    12 ore fa

    If you are innocent why did you ran away to France. Common life is for all Greedy bastard you are, we want the bar beach back more of stuff you acquired. He is lying . Life is short